Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What We Learn from Love

"It was a love that just... happened... to me. And now it is a love that has ...ceased to happen. It came to me. And now it is going away in exactly the same way." - Silvia

Unexpected love transforms the characters in Marivaux's Changes of Heart. To begin rehearsal, director Timothy Douglas had each actor, designer and staff member introduce themselves with their name and an answer to this question:

What did you learn when you met your great, true love?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Inside the Rehearsal Room with Vincent Scott

As recipient of the Stage Director's and Choreographer Foundation Observership Award , I sit and watch the magic each day as director Timothy Douglas and cast and crew rehearse the next play of the Remy Bumppo season, Changes of Heart. Through the rehearsal period, I will blog my personal inside impressions of this creative process.

The Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation Observership is a program designed to give an emerging artist a chance to work with a master director. The emerging artist gets first-hand knowledge of their master director's process and compares it to their own. There are usually 25 of these scholarships given throughout the year, offered at regional theaters across the country as well as Broadway.

I, myself reside in New York and have experience directing plays there, as well as Los Angeles and London. I recently directed a new play written by Peter Welch called Two Alone Too Together at the 2011 New York International Fringe Festival. I am thrilled to be observing and working with Timothy Douglas and Remy Bumppo on their production of Changes of Heart. I have been here for about a week and I can't wait to blog about the inside scope of my first week’s rehearsal experiences.