Monday, January 26, 2009

Limbaugh: I Hope Obama Fails

Earlier this month, right wing mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh upset conservatives and liberals alike with his outlandish statement:

Limbaugh: I Hope Obama Fails
January 16, 2009

What do you think?


Maani said...

Rush Limbaugh is everything that is wrong with America, but unfortunately is someone who cannot be ignored because of the large audience he has.
I think its ludicrous that he thinks Americans wanted Bush to fail as well. I know I didn't. As someone who would suffer quite a bit at the hands of his extreme policies and behavior, I hoped and prayed that he would surprise me and "do good."
But he didnt, and we all saw that coming. I didnt want him to fail, but I simply KNEW he would. The man was incapable.
As for Obama, there is hope and optimism and yes, he seems very capable. He creates a calming presence that Bush did not have.
So Mr. Limbaugh, if you want him to fail, you're an idiot. But we all knew that anyhow.

Hank.Browne said...

What bothers me most is that all this attention is being paid to Limbaugh. The man is a fool, makes outrageous comments to get attention, which he gets.

He makes money for his bosses so he is tolerated and then some. He must be the highest paid person on broadcast radio. I heard that Clear Channel fired dozens of people while paying him more and more money.

Can we just forget about Limbaugh, Palin and Blagojevich and direct our energies to volunteering in our community as Barack and Michells have asked?

See you on MLK day and Earth Day?

James said...

We should volunteer, be thoughtful in our discourse, more conscious of the effects our words and actions have in the ears and hearts of others....follow the calm example of the obamas....but i fear forgetting about the limbaughs and palins in our society allows them freer reign to heighten the rain of misinformation that falls from them....monitoring them creates a stronger resolve to do better by refusing to emulate one of my favorite films from the early 1970s, Klute, there is a scene where a very high priced call girl (played brilliantly by Jane Fonda) makes fun of a small town Pennsylvania cop (Donald Sutherland) for his unsophisticated view and how naive and foolish he is.....the cop listens quietly and simply responds, "that is all so pathetic." so, listen patiently to mr. Limbaugh, and then let him know he has no impact on you, and perhaps this example will spread. Fingers crossed. Hope.