Friday, October 23, 2009

Heroes in Real Life

During the run of Heroes, there will be events and special installations designed to create awareness of the realities of combat and give patrons an opportunity to pay tribute to U.S. veterans.

The Warrior Poetry Project is a free post-show poetry reading featuring poets and veterans Matt Ping, Timothy Brien, A.D. Moore, Tyler Zabel, and other friends of Remy Bumppo. The reading will take place after the show on Sunday, Nov. 22 at 5:30 p.m.

Five paintings which focus on the universality of war are on display in the lobby of the Greenhouse Theatre, provided by the National Vietnam Veterans Museum. Artists include Michael Cox, Robert Hanson, and Robert Spicher. Also featured in the lobby are two kinetic sculptures created by Heroes set designer Tim Morrison.

James Bohnen on Bringing the Past to the Present

"I was determined to keep the war in the play. Mike Nussbaum, who fought in World War II, and I had spoken about this before rehearsal began. I felt, and he corroborated, that these memories and injuries would loom large in their lives. One of the things we spoke about at length was the sense that they ended up at this home because there was nowhere else to go....meaning that family ties had ended, through death, or argument or whatever. Once we all agreed that the war needed to be the fourth character then it became a challenge to chart the places we could connect.”

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