Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More from Nick's World

Amidst the flying fists and swords of my life outside Remy B., with three shows just opened, one closed, and now four more in rehearsal (Lyric Opera, Goodman, About Face, and DePaul)--ah, the life of a freeland artiste!--I have been spending a little time this week following "Heroes" through the tech and dress rehearsal process and I cannot wait to see how opening goes. My small part in the process has been to side coach a couple of moments of physical business, and now I am trying to put together the shotlist for making our "trailer" for the show, which will appear on the website and on youtube. The show looks terrific by the way, with a tremendously inventive and clever set by our own Tim Morrison, lit beautifully by Rich Norwood, but the interplay between the three actors is delightful, at least from the runthroughs that I have witnessed and the tone of the play has been captured beautifully, a zesty balance of rambunctious, cantankerous wit combined with a sweet melancholia and camaraderie. Funny and sad, like all the great clowns have been.
Now we have to get down to the tough business of finalizing our season for next year, just as this season officially begins--how weird is that! But the subscriptions seem to be coming along nicely--thank you all who have joined us thus far and a little nudge to those who are still thinking. If this show gets the response is deserves, tickets could be scarce--so get 'em now!

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